Rewards Program

Chizmiiz Rewards Program:

In our Boutique, you can collect points towards free and discounted accessories for you and for you friends!

It is super easy and brings you the best prices! 

How do I collect Chizmiiz Reward Points?

You can earn points in 2 ways:

  1. Refer your friends to Chizmiiz Boutique. Once they make a purchase of $10.00 or more, you'll immediately get 250 points - your friends will be offered a 15% coupon for their first purchase! To do so, click on the Refer Friends ❤️  tab on the bottom left corner of the page on to start getting points!
  2. For every dollar you spend at our store, you will be rewarded 5 points. 

How do I join the Chizmiiz Reward Program?

Create an account here.

Your account is one click away! If you don't have a Chizmiiz account yet, quickly create one and you’re all set! Having an account also allows you to view your order history.

Follow these easy steps and you can earn and redeem points today!

Chizmiiz Loyal  Rewards