Must-Have Fall Jewelry

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Must-Have Fall Jewelry

Every season holds its own upcoming trends and fresh fashion. In the jewelry world, the fall can be one of the most exciting times for accessory fashion. We show you what jewelry is a must-have for your fall closet. As the leaves fall, big coats, sweaters and bulky clothing comes along with it. Therefore, simple jewelry is your best friend in these times. Keep reading and find out 3 pieces of jewelry you NEED to be fashion forward this season.

The Fantasy Watch

Leather, browns, and gold will be your best friend for this fall season. Keep your wardrobe limited to neutral shades and take advantage of the colors of nature around you. This watch will be perfect to decorate your arm with the perfect shades to compliment your neutral fall outfit. The gold and dark brown leather will work together to create the best autumnal look.

Love and Glory Earrings

Simplicity will be your best friend for creating every look for fall. As you focus on slowly layering each of your outfits, you need the simple jewelry to top off the rest of the look. (Hint: keep your makeup as natural as possible utilizing neutral shades to compliment your outfit and hair). As you keep your face looking simple, we want to decorate the face ever so slightly. This pair of earrings takes a plain hoop to the next level and features a “v” shape within.

Kerma Choker Necklace

This choker is a must-have for every woman looking for a new and improved look. A black classic choker paired with a simple gold necklace leaves everyone wanting another glance. The black and gold keep the look simple and neutral, with nothing screaming for attention. The key is to accompany your outfits with your jewelry, not have them be a centerpiece when it comes to fall outfits. With the cold weather comes large coats, scarves, hats, gloves etc. therefore, room for another accessory fighting for the spotlight is very slim.
Fall outfits are one of the most fun to create, and the best for photos. Don’t overdo it and think that you need a lot to create this natural and whimsical looks. Like most other things, simplicity is key. Take a break from the large and in charge jewelry and settle for some small gold/silver accent pieces or leather bands (like with the watches). We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Send us pictures of your fall outfits @chizmiiz on Instagram for us to see what you’ve done with our tips! Good luck!